Sports Spectator Update

As we continue to monitor the COVID-19 pandemic, as a district we continue to make decisions that are based on the best practices for our students. In doing so, we have been faced with a tough decision in regards to our athletic contests.

We understand the importance of athletics for our students and our goal is to keep our students in a safe environment as possible. We must also work to find a balance with the precautions that we are taking on a daily basis with our students while attending school. With this in mind, we will be limiting the crowds at our sporting events to four tickets per student. This will include not only players, but also cheerleaders and band members. Each student athlete will receive four tickets to share with their family member. This will be enforced for visiting teams as well.

To gain entrance to our hosted event, a spectator must present the admission ticket along with their admission to gain entrance at an event. Spectators will not be allowed entrance without the admission ticket. While we understand this is disappointing to many that enjoy attending sporting events, please understand and keep in mind our goal is for our students to have the opportunity to participate and play.

--Jeff Bullock

Notes from the School

Reminder: Water fountains are turned off in the buildings due to social distancing and Covid-19. You may want to send water with your student to school in a bottle with a lid.

Lunch Deliveries: Students at the high school will not be allowed any lunch deliveries from parents or the community at this time due to social distancing and Covid-19.