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Spotlight On Green Wave

Kaigan Jackson

Kaigan always steps up to help in every aspect of our SADD club and Audition Choir. She is always willing to go above and beyond to help and has a positive attitude. - Mrs. Layne

- Kaigan Jackson, Class of 2023

Decambreigh Reed

Decambreigh has developed into a leader on the football field. He holds his teammates accountable and wants the team to do well. Along with being a student-athlete, he also works a part-time job in town. - Mr. Vent

- De'Cambreigh Reed, Class of 2023

Malden Green Wave Graphic

STUDENT SPOTLIGHT Jordan absolutely crushed his First Quarter Pre-Test! Awesome! -Mr. Peden

- Jordan Worley, Class of 2024

Amadre Farmer

Just an overall outstanding and respectful student. He will do anything you ask. - Mr. Coleman

- Amadrae Farmer, Class of 2023

Kassie Mitchell

Mrs. Mitchell has a BSE from SEMO . She lives with her husband and three kids in Malden. Since she was a little girl she has wanted to teach and believes teaching is her purpose. She is happy to be back at her alma mater inspiring future generations.

- Kassie Mitchell, 6th and 7th grade Math

Amy Duckworth Graphic

Mrs. Duckworth has a BSE from ASTATE and an MSE from Southwest Baptist. She loves being the librarian at MES. Seeing students excited over books is the best part of her day. Her favorite children's book series is Harry Potter. She loves reading, Diet Coke, and her schnauzer, Rosie.

- Amy Duckworth, Elementary Librarian