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Spotlight On Green Wave

Staff Shout outs

Here is a link to the January 2023 Staff Shout-Outs! This is where members of the staff recognize their peers!

- Malden Staff

Nasia Smoot

Nasia is wonderful on the Varsity Cheer team. She is always ready to take on anything new that I come up with and her jumps are phenomenal. She stays positive and is always there to lend a hand when needed. - Mrs. Kasey

- Nasia Smoot, Class of 2024

Caraline LeBlanc

Cara is an amazing asset to the Cheer team. She is a natural-born cheerleader! She is always ready to lend a hand and is very hard-working and dedicated to her team. - Ms. Kasey

- Cara LeBlanc, Class of 2023

Britney Blake

Mrs. Blake has a B.S. from SEMO. She loves camping, shopping, and spending time with her husband and daughter. She loves being a part of the education field where she gets to learn and grow each year right along with her students! Being a Green Wave is like being a part of a family!!

- Britney Blake, 4th Grade

Layton Tucker

Layton always comes to class with a positive attitude and gives 100% in the classroom and in fitness.

- Layton Tucker, 6th Grade

Diana Wilkerson

Mrs. Wilkerson has a B.S. in Elem. Education from HLG and M.A. in Curriculum from SBU. She loves spending time with her family. Her husband is a marathon runner and they travel to races and explore. She loves how we are a family in Malden. Some districts say that but the Green Wave shows it!

- Diana Wilkerson, JH English


ProStart did an amazing job preparing treats from scratch. These students were so professional and kind when it came to serving the veterans. #GREENWAVEPRIDE

- ProStart Crew

Coach Kilgore

Mr. Kilgore has a B.S. in Business from HLG. He loves teaching, coaching basketball, and his family. His passion is mentoring youth and teaching them how to act as responsible and respectful citizens. I love having the opportunity to pour into the lives of future Green Waves!

- Coach Kilgore, JAG and Varsity Basketball Coach

Shalexia Thomas

Shalexia is an all-around great student who always gives her best effort in the classroom.

- Shalexia Thomas, Class of 2023

JJ Casto

J.J. always goes above and beyond to help the band be successful.

- J.J. Casto, Class of 2025

Hayden Pulliam

Hayden always demonstrates good sportsmanship in fitness and in the classroom demonstrates a love of learning.

- Hayden Pulliam, 6th Grade

Michael Goeman

Michael has shown SO MUCH improvement these last few weeks. Keep up the good work, my dude!

- Michael Goehman

Sarah Samons

Mrs. Samons' has a BSE from SEMO and is currently working on an MS in Reading. Her greatest goal is to love her family and all the children who come into her care. Her favorite things are singing and making music, being at the river or beach, watching sunsets, and sitting by the campfire!

- Mrs. Sarah Samons, First Grade

Jada Townsend

Jada stepped up BIG TIME in the district volleyball tourney. Her energy was electric and she led the team in kills. A great example of Wave pride in athletics! - Coach Stevens

- Jada Townsend, Class of 2023

Zae Malone

Zae always comes to class in a good mood and is always willing to help me or his classmates. -Ms. Shelton

- Zae Malone, Class of 2024

Christa Bixler

Mrs. Bixler has BS from MSU and is working on her MS. She loves playing with her two babies, watching her husband coach, and reading. Her favorite is Tuesdays with Morrie: “The way you get meaning into your life is to devote yourself to loving others, devote yourself to your community..."

- Mrs. Christa Bixler, JH and HS Math Teacher