Spotlight On Green Wave

Coach Pullley

I am thrilled to become a part of the Green Wave family. My wife, Alexa, and I have been happily married for five years and are proud parents to two children: Jade, who is ten years old, and Sean-Preston, who is three years old. In addition, we are eagerly anticipating the arrival of our third child this coming spring. I have seven years of experience in the education field and hold a Master's Degree in Education.

- Coach Pulley, Head Football Coach


You girls worked so incredibly hard this year and it showed every single game! I could not be more proud of you all!- Ms. Shelton

- MJH Cheer


Julian is always respectful, works hard, and participates in class discussions and activities. I can count on him to do whatever is asked of him and to do it well. Thanks for your effort, Julian!

- Julian McGowan, Class of 2023


Bianca puts in so much effort to be a great student. She works hard, asks questions, participates in discussions, and values feedback on her work. Great job, Bianca!

- Bianca Wallace, Class of 2025


Airreiona comes in with a positive attitude daily, she is kind and respectful, and she is a hard worker. Thank you for being a great student, Airy! - Mrs. Brown

- Airreiona Robinson, Class of 2023ss of


Alyssa Broom always helps at the concession stand. When ask her to run errands, she does promptly. She goes beyond and above and is an excellent student. - Mrs. Renae

- Alyssa Broom, Class of 2025

Ella Hankins

Ella has a positive attitude at every rehearsal! Thank you for your hard work! - Ms. Hammond

- Ella Hankins, Class of 2026

ben jones

Juniors in Mrs. Brown's English classes just did presentations in front of the class. Ben did an AMAZING job! He was calm, composed, and well-spoken, which can be very difficult for many students. Great job!!- Mrs. Brown

- Ben Jones, Class of 2025

Q Farmer

Quamerous, or Q as he is known, has developed into a strong leader for our football team. He is more vocal than he has ever been and is leading by example with his hard work in the classroom and on the field. He is a positive role model for our younger players.

- Quamerous Farmer, Class of 2024


Stev'ajay is the leader of our defensive line and continues to climb in the rankings with tackling. He has 50 tackles through 5 games averaging 10 tackles a game, with a career-high 15 tackles against Charleston. He brings a positive attitude with him every day to school.

- Stevajay Jackson, Class of 2025


Ziyon has been an incredible asset to our team. We are going through the process of re-building our program and it is tough. Ziyon is everything you could want in a leader. He is consistently positive and inspires others to and helps bring the best out of everyone.

- Ziyon Hester, Class of 2024